Unique Projects

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Project: Ernest F. Lyons Bridge
Location: Stuart Causeway, Stuart, FL
Surface Area: 10,000 board feet
Year Completed: December 2004
SPF Magazine Feature – Martin County Office Plaza
Location: East Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL
Surface Area: 8,783 sq. ft.
Year Completed: March 2011

SPF Roofing – Top Benefits Elimination of air infiltration – the major reason for loss of energy. Impressive insulation of R-6.5 per inch initial value and R-7 per inch aged value. Real strength without significantly increasing weight on roof. Works with virtually all existing roof surfaces. Highly resistant to hurricane-force winds. Corrections to damaged and/or poor drainage. Non-absorption of water due to the foam’s closed-cell roofing system. Reduced sound transmission. Cost effective to install and maintain over many years vs. traditional roofing systems. Texas A&M studies indicate that an SPF roof in Texas and other Southern climates can pay for itself in 5 years, 2 months. To read more, click here.