Coated Foam Applications

Riverside National Bank

Having already planned to re-roof their 4 story facility earlier in the year, the need for a new roof became […]

Monterey Commercial Office Building

Gene Whiting and Lloyd Hughes are shown applying SPF which will later receive gravel on top. With superior insulation and waterproofing […]

Parkview Apartments

This two story apartment building, with a modified bitumen roof, was a victim of poor workmanship, and the resulting problems […]

Ashley Restaurant

In historic downtown Stuart, Whiting Construction provided roofs for many buildings, such as the Pressel Building, the Dehon Building, and the Green Building. […]

Gorman Plumbing

Located in the heart of Stuart’s industrial area, this two story butler style metal warehouse received a new coated foam […]

Sailfish Point Clubhouse

This was a modified bitumen roof, with a history of leaks due to varying levels of roof height. The roof […]


This was a residential project, with many different roof angles needing to be accommodated. SPF turned the roof into one […]

Jonathan’s Landing

This SPF roof was installed to replace modified bitumen on a luxury home. The homeowner was having repeated problems with leaks despite […]

Terraces on the Green

This project was given to Whiting Construction by another roofing contractor who had been awarded the job. When they began […]

Maritime Condominiums, Building B

On a project with as many varying angles, sizes, shapes, widths, and levels as this three story beach condo, most […]