Coated Foam Applications

The Florida Lottery Building

This was an extremely complicated job due to logistics and limited access. To add to the complexity, it rained every […]

The Florida Bar Association

The building that houses the Florida Bar Association is a historic building. At the time, it had a modified Bitumen […]

Florida Power & Light – Main Control Room

This was a particularly complicated job. In addition to the normal regulations and chemical security involved, this job had a failed tar […]

Florida Power & Light – Radiation Control Area

This project was at FPL’s highly regulated and secured St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant. The building had a failed roof […]

United Materials, Inc.

This was a completely metal building. The roof was worn out, and the building was too hot inside, causing difficulty for […]

Broward Health – Margate Health Care Center

Because it is a large medical center, this project required extreme care in order not to interfere with operations. Minimal […]