Graveled Foam Applications

Royal Palm Office Building

This building had a modified bitumen roof, which had failed during Hurricane Jeanne. Whiting Construction installed a gravel covered SPF roof, accommodating […]

Mayfair Plaza

These images are an excellent example of what can be done to an old tar and gravel roof with SPF. The […]

Seacoast Bank

A prominent structure in Martin County for more than 30 years, the First National Bank (now Seacoast Bank) building received a new […]

Taurus Business Park

This building is an industrial facility in the Taurus Business Park. The pre-existing roof was tar and gravel. After the […]

RFP Holdings, Building 1-3

RFP Holdings was a new construction building. Whiting Construction provided flexibility in the project schedule, due to a short timeframe […]

Frick Buildings 1 & 2

This was a set of new construction buildings, with installation of gravel coated SPF roof onto steel deck. All roofs shown below are […]

MJD Construction

This was a 167k sq. ft. new construction 3-building project with SPF gravel covered roof over steel deck. Due to […]