“We own and manage commercial properties including shopping centers and office buildings. Most of these structures have Whiting Construction roofs on them, using the SPF systems. We have been very pleased with the application done for us and how well the roof systems have held up. We have been through 3 hurricanes on these roofs, each about 10 years old. We have had no damage through any hurricanes, and we are pleased with the SPF system. We recommend them to any of our property owners.”
Pat Murphy
Hoyt C. Murphy Realtors
I’ve dealt with Gene Whiting in excess of 10 years, and have had numerous roofing systems installed by him. I find that the SPF roofing system is the only thing that works for us and we now specify the SPF roofing system and Whiting Construction as the contractor. Through the hurricanes, we never experienced a loss on any of our SPF roofs. Anything that wasn’t SPF—roofs were damaged. They’re a top shelf company and great to deal with.”
Dave Christenson
President of Christenson Commercial Real Estate
“We use Whiting Construction for all of our roofs on commercial buildings. We experienced minimal damage during the hurricanes we’ve had, and what damage we did have, they were quick to respond and took care of it in a nice fashion. We’re quite happy with our service and recommend them for anybody.
Cole Evans,
B&A Industries

Qualities of an SPF roof Green: SPF roofs improve indoor air quality, produce no HCFCs or CFCs, and provide the highest insulating value in the industry. Highly Energy Efficient: An SPF roof system is the most energy efficient roof available. SPF has over one million closed cells per square inch, and amounts to a value of R-6.5 per inch. This reflects significant lower energy costs. Here’s an example of how well a good SPF roof insulates: Rugged: Rigid SPF exhibits superior compressive strength and provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage from outside elements. Seamless: Because SPF is self-adhering and sprayed in place, there are no seams, channels, complex flashings or overlapping edges for water to seep through. The product keeps liquid water out, but allows water vapor to escape so that there are no moisture traps in the building. Weather Resistant: SPF roof systems provide the best possible protection from the elements. This roof system evenly disperses precipitation and ice in the winter and enhances evaporation in the summer. Wind up-lift resistance: Properly applied, an SPF roof creates a chemical bond with the surface to which it is applied creating a tight “bite” into the steel deck. This eliminates the possibility of SPF separating from the deck as there are no opportunities for the wind to penetrate underneath. These roofs do extremely well in hurricanes, as noted regularly by our customers. To review testimonials, click here. Low Maintenance: All these factors and more combine to make SPF the easiest system to maintain. With proper installation, an SPF roof will last indefinitely with periodic renewal of the coating. The cost of recoating an SPF roof every 8-10 years over a thirty-year period comes out to a fraction of the cost of maintaining or replacing most conventional systems.




SPF Roofing – Top Benefits Elimination of air infiltration – the major reason for loss of energy. Impressive insulation of R-6.5 per inch initial value and R-7 per inch aged value. Real strength without significantly increasing weight on roof. Works with virtually all existing roof surfaces. Highly resistant to hurricane-force winds. Corrections to damaged and/or poor drainage. Non-absorption of water due to the foam’s closed-cell roofing system. Reduced sound transmission. Cost effective to install and maintain over many years vs. traditional roofing systems. Texas A&M studies indicate that an SPF roof in Texas and other Southern climates can pay for itself in 5 years, 2 months. To read more, click here.